POS Branding



This guide is a part of the general corporate graphic design presenting the brand. The edition
was created specifically for our partners at the point of sale (POS). Following the guidelines of
POS visual communication our partners will present appropriately Knauf products and could
benefit from the trust and prestige that the Knauf brand brings to the clients.

The guide is divided into five main parts:
1. POS category evaluation and request form template
2. Technical specifications
3. Promo materials of visual communication provided by Knauf depending on the type and
functionality of POS
4. The corporate design and rules for its use in POS
5. Applications of the POS corporate design

For your convenience please find attached to the guide:
- Indicative table to evaluate the POS category
- Request form for obtaining branded materials and tools for visual communication
- Flash memory stick with this manual and the necessary information and images in a usable form
For any further questions Knauf team is at your disposal in the regional Knauf offices.

POS Branding 5 Mb (pdf) download